Current Projects (Use Cases) development are planned in phases. 

Estimated completion is between June 2021 to June 2022.

Progress chart will be published every 3 months

Events, Referral and Loyalty Management


Currently building BlockRadiance, a blockchain-enabled platform (Portal & Mobile app) to manage the event, referral, and loyalty programs and to secure the loyalty points redemption

  • Membership Registration

  • Event Management

  • Membership Management

  • Referral Program Management

  • Loyalty program and redemption

  • Event Day Live visualization

  • News channel for Members

  • IoT Integrations

  • Free platform usage for approved Charity Events

True Charity Direct Fund Distribution


BlockRadiance, a blockchain-enabled platform (Portal & Mobile app) to manage and minimize the intermediaries siphoning of donations meant for charity, education and green earth programs.

  • Membership and Donors Registration

  • Donation Collection and Distribution Management

  • Donation Recipients Management

  • Donation Distribution Dashboard for Donors

  • News channel for Members and Donors

  • Donors will be part of a community to elect Charity Governing Council (CGC)

  • The CGC will approve reputed audited charities and beneficiaries to channel donations to the needy.

Public Feedback & Grievances 


BlockRadiance, a blockchain-enabled platform (Portal & Mobile app) to manage the Public Feedback and Grievances. 

  • Public and Government Departments Registration

  • Feedback and Grievances Management

  • Workflow and Escalation Management

  • Grievances Status / Resolution Dashboard

  • Knowledgebase Builder  

  • The platform will enable accountability, visibility and speed up the resolution and improve/monitor the productivity.

Recycling and Zero-Emission 


BlockRadiance, a blockchain-enabled platform (Portal & Mobile app) to educate and provide a platform for the Public to facilitate the reduction of carbon emissions and to encourage recycling

  • Public Participation

  • Personal Planner and Calculator

  • A.I Empowered 

  • IoT Integration

  • Recognition and Reward System

  • Personal DashBoard

  • News Channel to promote Zero-Emission and Recycling

Tracing missing persons and prevention of Children & Women trafficking


BlockRadiance, a blockchain-enabled platform (Portal & Mobile app) to help to trace missing persons and prevention of child & women trafficking.


This is a dream project and with the help of the community & volunteers, empowered by  A.I and IoT integration, a platform that will be able to speed up information gathering, registration, broadcasting, sharing between public and law enforcement agencies to unify the effort.

Technology Stack
Microsoft .NET Core 3.1+, Hyperledger-Blockchain, Cryptography, Cyber Security,

A.I - (Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP)  and IoT